Roderick Vanderbilt


Rod Vanderbilt is a entrepreneur residing in Miami and New York. He was in brand management and public relation’s for MoviePass, Inc (Helios and Matheson Analytics), a US subscription-based movie ticketing service. The Company was restructured in 2017. MoviePass became the fastest growing subscription company on record and it topped the most popular search engines without paying a penny for the privilege.

Rod is current President of OceanMark Properties, Inc. based in Miami, Florida since its inception in 2001. The Company is structured for multi-faceted real estate transactions including commercial, residential, and government-held properties.

In addition, he is current President of Farwest Haiti Mission which he co-founded with Mr. Farnsworth in 2007. After 14 years of assisting the Haitian people, the mission supports two blind schools, feeds malnourished children, and assist medical teams from the US to help with operations for the sick.

Previous employment was with 20th Century Fox Film Corporation under the President of the Company with a concentration in the video division.

MoviePass August 2017 – September 2001

OceanMark Properties, Inc November 2004 – Current

20th Century Fox Film Corp February 1991 – May 1993

Michael J. DiStasio


Mike graduated with a finance degree from Northeastern University’s Business school (’84-’89). He founded American Chair & Seating Corp(’90-Present) while in his last year of college. For decades, his company which he serves as hands on CEO has created unique, value engineered and private labeled furniture products for the demanding requirements and rollouts of many of the world’s best know restaurant and hospitality brands.

Mike is known throughout his industry as an articulate, strong leader and inspirational motivator with depth of knowledge in many industries outside his own. His energy level and work ethic has always been second to none. Mike has an insatiable appetite for learning through research, observing, and asking the right questions. This has driven his ability to evaluate situations quickly from multiple angles and grasp the big picture while simultaneously formulating a clear, strategic, and tactical course of action to obtain the desired results. He has also been commended by his peers for his ability to achieve competitive advantages in areas of industry that lack any real innovative barrier of entry.

Elliott Goldstein


Elliot Goldstein 44, currently serves as a partner at White Dove Equities, a position held since 2020. The firm focuses on investments and advisory services for real estate, public, and private companies. Before founding White Dove Equities, Mr. Goldstein was Senior Vice President at Toppan Merrill and Vintage Filings which was a division of PR Newswire for over 15 years. He was responsible for businesses development, expanding services and advising clients from all over the United States and Israel. Prior to that Mr. Goldstein worked as a trader and banker with Montauk Financial. Where he advised and worked on raising capital for public and private companies.

Lisa King

Co-CEO & Director

Ms. King was elected to serve on the Company’s Board of Directors on October 14, 2021. Ms. King was recognized as the Company’s co-Chief Executive Officer by a court order issued on August 19, 2022. Ms. King also served the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and President from October 2021 through late July 2022. Ms. King has over 25 years of professional experience as a marketing and branding leader, C-suite executive, and consultant. From January 2021 until October 2021, Ms. King served as the Chief Executive Officer of ZASH, where she, with ZASH’s corporate founders, led the development of its short- and long-term business strategies. Ms. King is currently the Chairman, CEO and controlling stockholder of Magnifi U Inc., a Company that provides a learning experience platform for personal and professional development, which she founded in August 2020.

John Colucci

Co-CEO & Director

Mr. Colucci has over 21 years of experience in senior management, business development, advertising, marketing, and strategy development. Mr. Colucci was previously the Vice President at C Solutions Marketing Inc. for eleven years and Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at for eleven years..