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The Future is B.I.G.

At Vinco Ventures, we leverage our proprietary platforms to identify, innovate, and scale promising brands for optimal market performance.


Acquisition forms the cornerstone of our business model. Our focus is on identifying and acquiring substantial brands that show promise for growth and diversification, bolstering our portfolio's strength and competitiveness.


We use cross-platform analysis to identify the most successful traffic sources, enabling our brands and partners to attract and retain loyal customers. Our strategies are continuously evaluated and improved to ensure the highest conversion rates


Our primary focus for growth lies in targeted traffic, resulting in increased revenue, brand recognition, and market reach. Our internal platforms facilitate faster growth for newly acquired brands, aiding them in achieving their respective goals.

Our Brands

SRM Idea Lab
4keeps Roses
Cloud B
Edison Nation Medical
Best Party Concepts
Smarter Specs
Human Earth
Purple Mountain Clean
911 Help Now
Uber Mom
Everyday Edisons
Management Team

Executive Profiles

James Robertson
Chief Executive Officer
The new Chief Executive Officer and President, James Robertson, joins Vinco Ventures from a360media where he held the position of Editor-In-Chief of Us Weekly. He was responsible for all content across the prestigious brand's multimedia platforms and worked closely with advertising and marketing teams to generate large-scale campaigns and new revenues. He has previously served in other senior leadership roles including being appointed as the youngest Editor-In-Chief in tabloid media at the helm of OK! magazine while also overseeing all newsgathering as a Senior Executive Editor and Head of News for American Media Inc., celebrity brands. A seasoned and respected journalist, he is also a published author and experienced Story Producer and Executive Producer with credits in various TV specials, investigative documentaries, and longform podcast series productions.
Chris Polimeni
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chris Polimeni joins Vinco Ventures as Chief Finance Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Polimeni previously served as Executive Vice President - CFO/COO of Accelerate360 Holdings, LLC & Subsidiaries, the parent company of a360 Media, LLC (formerly American Media, LLC.). He also served in the same capacity at American Media, LLC for 12 years prior to the consolidation of American Media, LLC with Accelerate360 Holdings, LLC in 2020. He has been involved in acquisitions, corporate finance, SEC reporting and corporate management for more than thirty years. He brings financial and operational expertise, as well as accomplished experience in both management and financial oversight of large content companies.
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Vinco Ventures, Inc.
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Tiffany Baxter
50 W. Liberty Street
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Marcum Accountants and Advisors
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What is Vinco Ventures, Inc.'s stock symbol?
Our stock is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol $BBIG.
When was Vinco Ventures, Inc. incorporated?
July 18th, 2017
When is Vinco Ventures, Inc.'s fiscal year end?
December 31st
Who is Vinco Ventures, Inc.'s transfer agent?
Nevada Agency and Transfer Company
Tiffany Baxter
50 W. Liberty Street
Suite 880
Reno, NV 89501
Who is Vinco Ventures, Inc.'s independent auditor?
Marcum Accountants and Advisors
Alan Markowitz
750 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017