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Vinco Ventures' Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the Chief Executive Officer and other senior management to ensure that Vinco Ventures is being run competently and ethically on a day-to-day basis, and to ensure that the long-term interests of shareholders are being served. To fulfill their duties, directors are expected to take a proactive and focused approach to their positions, and to set standards that ensure Vinco Ventures is committed to business success by maintaining high standards of responsibility and ethics.
Roderick Vanderbilt
Executive Chairman and Director
Rod Vanderbilt is an entrepreneur residing in Miami and New York. He was brand management and public relations for MoviePass, Inc (Helios and Matheson Analytics), a U.S, subscription-based movie ticketing service. The Company was restructured in 2017. MoviePass became the fastest growing subscription company on record, and it topped the most popular search engines without paying a penny for the privilege. Prior to that, Rod was with 20th Century Fox Film Corporation under the President of the Company with a concentration in the video division. Currently, Rod is President of OceanMark Properties, Inc. based in Miami, Florida since its inception in 2001. The Company is structured for multi-faceted real estate transactions including commercial, residential, and government-held properties. In addition, he is current President of Farwest Haiti Mission which he co-founded with Mr. Farnsworth in 2007. After 14 years of assisting the Haitian people, the mission supports two blind schools, feeds malnourished children, and assist medical teams from the US to help with operations for the sick.
Jesse Law
Independent Director
Jesse Law is an accomplished senior executive with 17 years of professional experience, including 14 years of experience in banking and finance and 13 years in bipartisan political and public policy operations. During his career, Mr. Law has developed expertise in strategic management, corporate operations, staff development, and high-level stakeholder relations, including working with senior executives of Fortune 100 companies, senior administration officials, members of the United States Congress, and senior foreign diplomats. In addition, Mr. Law is adept at building coalitions of diverse interests and coaching them towards mutually-acceptable solutions in high-stakes domestic and international negotiations that have resulted in achieving exemplary success of key strategic organizational goals.

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