Christopher B. Ferguson

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Christopher B. Ferguson has acted as our Chief Executive Officer, as well as Chairman of our board of directors since July 2017. From July 2013 until July 2017, Mr. Ferguson served as Chief Executive Officer of SRM and Fergco. In 2010, Mr. Ferguson co-founded a company Focus Fiber Solutions until it was sold in June 2013. In August 2001, Mr. Ferguson co-founded Mercer Staffing, and acted as its president until December 2007. In June 1995, Mr. Ferguson founded The Florio Group, a private equity investment company, with former New Jersey governor James J. Florio. From June 1995 to October 2001, Mr. Ferguson served as Managing Director of The Florio Group. From May 1995 until August 1999, Mr. Ferguson also acted as Chief Financial Officer for Cabot Marsh Corporation, a healthcare consulting firm. Mr. Ferguson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Villanova University and a Juris Doctor degree from Widener University School of Law.

Kevin J. Ferguson

President & Secretary

Kevin J. Ferguson has been a member of our board of directors, and has been our President & Secretary, since July 2017. Mr. Ferguson acted as a member of the board of directors of Fergco from June 1995 until July 2017, and was employed as Fergco's president from June 1999 to July 2017. Between June 1995 and May 1999, he worked as head of sales for Fergco. Mr. Ferguson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Villanova University.

Brett Vroman

Chief Financial Officer

Brett Vroman is our Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Mr. Vroman oversees the Company’s financial operations, including the development and management of budgets, preparation of financial statements and is responsible for reporting to shareholders and the board of directors. Before being named CFO, Mr. Vroman served as our Controller from May 2018 to May 2019. Prior to joining Edison Nation, Mr. Vroman was Director of Financial Reporting at Avantor, Inc., a global manufacturer and distributor of high-quality products, services and solutions to customers and suppliers in the life science, advanced technology and applied materials industries. Mr. Vroman has also held management positions at BDO USA, LLP and Smart and Associates, LLP. Mr. Vroman is a certified public accountant and holds a bachelor’s degree from York College of Pennsylvania.

Brian McFadden

Chief Strategy Officer

Brian McFadden began serving as Chief Strategy Officer of Vinco Ventures, a mergers and acquisition firm, in November 2020. A serial entrepreneur himself, Mr. McFadden is charged with identifying and targeting company acquisitions to ensure long term growth and scale. 

Mr. McFadden brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the consumer products space, specifically the live shopping and e-commerce markets. In previous roles, Mr. McFadden oversaw development efforts to secure several cellular communications patents for products in the safety and security market. He was also responsible for the implementation of the individual product launches, specifically focused on the home shopping outlets.  A Hamilton College graduate, Mr. McFadden supports entrepreneurs in their early-stage growth efforts in the pursuit to BE BIG.

Laurie Argall

VP of Branding and Media Content

Ms. Argall currently owns and operates a successful social media network of influencers, content creators and celebrities. Ms. Argall started her career in social media monetization by building blogs for celebrities, having grown her network on Facebook to over 150 million fans with clients from Adalia Rose, Bam Margera and Joy of Mom. Driving traffic to her websites in excess of over 150 million unique visitors monthly, Ms. Argall has a unique ability to identify what will trend on social media and go viral. Ms. Argall was able to expand her network after adapting to Facebook’s ever-changing platform from blog + article monetization to video monetization.

Being able to forecast the changes and opportunities for her celebrities on Facebook’s platform, Ms. Argall sourced, licensed and created viral video content and created her second wave of success in Honey Badger Media; video monetization. With access to over 150 million fans on her combined celebrity networks, Ms. Argall now licenses and monetizes video content. Serving over 1.5 to 2 billion monthly views, Honey Badger Media is able to generate revenue for her clients previously untapped.

With her experience in the social landscape, Ms. Argall is always looking for new opportunities and trends. After her introduction to Mr. Barksdale and Dynamic Gaming Systems, Ms. Argall knew this was the next undertaking for her and Honey Badger Media. Understanding that traditional network television and programming are scrambling to find their digital partners, Ms. Argall identified the potential in developing this as a social app.

Knowing we are on the horizon of iGaming, eSports and streaming platforms becoming part of our normal branded experiences and entertainment experiences this became her focus. The goal became to launch as a social gaming app for her influencers to not only host and engage their fans, but to promote through their existing social handles.