John Colucci

Co-CEO & Director

Mr. Colucci has over 21 years of experience in senior management, business development, advertising, marketing, and strategy development. Mr. Colucci was previously the Vice President at C Solutions Marketing Inc. for eleven years and Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at for eleven years..

Lisa King

Co-CEO & Director

Ms. King was elected to serve on the Company’s Board of Directors on October 14, 2021. Ms. King was recognized as the Company’s co-Chief Executive Officer by a court order issued on August 19, 2022. Ms. King also served the Company’s Chief Executive Officer and President from October 2021 through late July 2022. Ms. King has over 25 years of professional experience as a marketing and branding leader, C-suite executive, and consultant. From January 2021 until October 2021, Ms. King served as the Chief Executive Officer of ZASH, where she, with ZASH’s corporate founders, led the development of its short- and long-term business strategies. Ms. King is currently the Chairman, CEO and controlling stockholder of Magnifi U Inc., a Company that provides a learning experience platform for personal and professional development, which she founded in August 2020.

Ross Miller


Mr. Miller is currently a consultant for Silver Palm Group and also serves as a County Commissioner for Clark County, Nevada. He has previously served as President and CEO of BKB Global, a wholly owned subsidiary of DirecTV, and as Senior VP and General Counsel of Paragon Gaming, a casino gaming company based in Las Vegas. Prior to that, he was elected as the youngest Secretary of State in America in 2006 until 2014. His leadership is nationally recognized, as he was named a “Top 10 Rising Political Star” by the Washington Post, was selected as one of “24 Rising Stars in American Governance” by the Aspen Institute and was awarded a Rodel Fellowship in Public Leadership. He obtained his BA from Stanford University and holds JD and MBA degrees from Loyola Marymount University.

Philip Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Philip is the CFO providing strategic financial planning, projections and compliance. He brings over 25 years of experience and previously served as CFO for Document Security Systems and Greenlight Networks, Controller at American Fiber Systems and held financial positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Zapata Corporation, Arthur Anderson, and Bonadio & Co.

Steve Garrow

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Garrow is founder and Managing Partner of Kayon Partners, a New York City based investment and business development group focused primarily on Fintech and Data Analytics opportunities. Kayon looks for disruptive ideas and originates much of its deal flow from a number of university ecosystems the firm is close to, as well as the diverse network of financial partners Mr. Garrow has built over the years. He has spent his career investing in innovative technologies, alternative asset vehicles, and teaching entrepreneurship and innovation at the university and graduate school level. Steve is involved in a number of non-profit organizations supporting women-run enterprises and community building.

With over 25 years of management experience, Steve has run companies in financial services, data analysis, process innovation and software solutions. He was the founder and CEO of Tegrit Financial Group, GaveKal Securities, Tegrit Technologies and LexMar Global and served as Special Advisor to Wafra Investments. He is the Founder and Chief Provocateur of the Rushmore Center for Innovation where he leads seminars, workshops and keynote addresses on innovation for corporations and non-profit organizations.

Before starting Kayon Partners, Steve founded and led LexMar Global, an industrial technology company in Massachusetts, as part of a successful investment and turnaround situation. That investment is now part of the Kayon Fund portfolio. Prior to that, he acted as Special Advisor to Wafra Investments, a Kuwaiti owned firm, where he helped the group expand their footprint in the Gulf and bring innovative investment concepts to a new group of investors.

As Founder of The Tegrit Group, Mr. Garrow created new financial and software products that were packaged and distributed into the pension, healthcare insurance, and financial services market. The success of the rollout led to the spinout of Tegrit Technologies and its focus on the plan sponsor markets and Fintech innovation in the pension administration space.

Prior to his Tegrit engagement, Steve started, operated and exited two institutional, global Broker/Dealers providing equity and currency executions as well as macro- economic research.

As the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the NYU Stern School of Business Berkley Innovation Lab, Steve helps oversee, develop, and support new enterprise ventures in Fintech and other industries. He lectures, hosts seminars, and gives talks on disruptive innovation and executive leadership.