Edison Nation Acquires HMNRTH Nutraceutical Line, a Leader in Cannabidiol Health and Wellness Products

BETHLEHEM, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Edison Nation, Inc., a multifaceted ecosystem that fosters innovation and drives IP, media and consumer products, is pleased to announce the acquisition of HMNRTH Nutraceutical’s line of Cannabidiol health and wellness products. HMNRTH’s Cannabidiol product line includes a unique blend of oral sprays and topical ointments.

With the U.S. CBD market heading to $23.7 Billion by 2023, according to a Brightfield Group research report, HMNRTH allows for rapid sales growth and expansion for Edison Nation. “The expansion into Nutraceuticals and consumables has been a strategic goal for us over the last year,” said CEO Christopher Ferguson. “HMNRTH is the first acquisition in the consumables arena, and we look to leveraging our innovation platform to expand the brand and product lines to identify other synergistic opportunities in the consumables category.”

The existing product line includes oral sprays specifically formulated for morning, daytime and evening use as well as muscle and joint creams. In addition to Cannabidiol, HMNRTH products provide additional benefits such as Natural Caffeine for morning energy and Melatonin for evening rest. With verified third-party lab testing and a U.S. based supply chain, HMNRTH’s formula consist of 100% Hemp Derived CBD and are FDA and GMP Compliant.


HMNRTH’s business model is to bridge the gap between the lifestyle and knowledge components within the cannabis industry. The Company’s goal is to educate every consumer while cultivating an experience by providing quality products, branded cutting edge content, and diversified product lines for any purpose. Most importantly, we want our clients to discover their inner HMN, redefine their inner HMN and Empower their inner HMN.

About Edison Nation, Inc.

Edison Nation, Inc. (EDNT), is a multifaceted ecosystem which fosters innovation and drives IP, media and consumer products. Edison offers innovation sourcing, product design, sales, manufacturing, and fulfillment services. Edison Nation’s model is to source innovative ideas to launch internally or license to brand partners. Edison Nation hopes to leverage its television property, Everyday Edisons, to become the recognized leader in the innovator community.

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Released March 12, 2020

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